Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ohbat kari lo

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Reach Masjid / Markaz  before Waaz time (Qablal waqt)

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Ohbat kari lo 

A story of 2 kids doing Ohbat for Ashara Mubaraka 

In Simple Lisan ud Dawat script with beautiful illustrations to keep your kids engrossed.

A "must have" in your Kid's bookshelf to enhance their reading of Lisan ud Dawat.

Available at :

Mumbai -  +919987791321
Pune - +917798700053
Coimbatore - +919486578652
Bengaluru - +919035047658

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Al- Bustaan


The Lisan ud Dawat writing book

A perfect tool for Children, teaching them to write Lisan ud Dawat alphabets in a fun-filled way with colorable pictures to help their memory and visual skills.

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